Rhian Owen – Winchester School of Art

Rhian Owen
Winchester School of Art Graduate Fashion Week 2016

My Final Collection has been inspired and driven by the methods of concealment during the Reformation in Tudor England. My research led me to realise that the ways in which we conceal, deceive and hide has not really changed, but the tools we use in which to obscure our identity has, seen especially in the development of the internet.
I was particularly drawn to the Snowden revelations, modern methods of surveillance and online security. Therefore, my concept weaves religious concealment with ideas of modern disguise. Concepts such as these are the most pivotal part of my work. I love to discover complex ideas that will challenge my ability to translate into design.
I have selected fabrics which feature metallic graphic patterning, a reference both to patterns we associate with computing and the opulence and wealth of the Catholic Church. This project has provided me with the opportunity to explore the events of the past, and become inspired by shadows of people who have lived and fought before us. It has also given an insight into the events that could happen in the future.
These considerations within our living environment and the experiences we have lived through alter us and for designers become part of their creative DNA. Therefore, design is a way in which I can express my interests, my concerns with society, and explore the power of the human imagination.

Rhian Owen Press show 1.jpeg