Rebecca Björnsdotter

Rebecca Björnsdotter


The brand Rebecca Björnsdotter is more than just DNA. It is a guiding star. Literally translated “bear’s daughter”, has the sole purpose of making women feel naturally brave, empowered, beautiful and strong as a bear.


Born and bred in Stockholm, Rebecca Björnsdotter studied Footwear Design and Technology at Cordwainers at London College of Fashion. Inspired by her passion for Viking and Sami art, nature’s gifts and fresh ideas, her design combines high fashion, exquisite craftsmanship and a distinct Nordic twist. Today Rebecca Björnsdotter is based in Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden, with a view of the sea.



LFW – AW 16

Intricate, elegant, classical yet edgy – AW 16 presents a subtle palette with rich nuances from the forests, sea, lakes and sky in Sweden this time of year. Materials include the finest leather, suede and pewter wire braiding. Selected items have removable details that allow you to change the style according to work, play or just simply your mood.

Hillevie 4LS
Hillevie 1S
Idun 5L
Elise 4LF
Tove 4L
Astrid 4LF
Clara 3R
Tora 4L
Embla 4FL
Anne 4LF
Agnes 4LF
Agnes 3R
Anne 3R
Embla 3R
Tora 3R
Tove kollektion
Elise 3R
Kasia 3R