Xie Haiping came from the northwest of the P.R. China, the place with rough yellow soil and the Yellow River desert make his nature of personality. After since move to Shenzhen-The first open city in China for his career has widely opened his humanistic spirit. He has won a lot of awards from both domestic fashion industry and the overseas.

December 2014 He set up “together creative-HEYI” with domestic and foreign designers integrated plat form. September 2014 was invited to participate in the New York fashion week; He told a story about the dragon. Dragon is the totem and the spiritual symbol of the Chinese.

Since 2009 to 2011, He was invited three times to London Fashion Week, He was start to thinking of tell the story of China’s brilliant history and the culture, he continued his distinctive personal temperament.  re interpretation of the mutual infiltration of fashion trends and China’s charm.

January 2009, He was invited to participate in the Hong Kong international fashion week and held a personal special release show “the source”. October 2008, invited to participate in the South Korean Fashion Festival, personal special show, sourced, aroused public media and related fashion industry’s attention.

In 2005, move to Shenzhen, set up Xie Haiping design studio.

Since 2001 to 2004, working with both two companies as brand design director.
In 1998 September, won the 987 Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival “China Cup” National Garment Design Competition Award of excellence award.
In 1997 September, won the first prize in the 97 “Xi’an City Cup” fashion design contest.
In 1997 July, “prayer” works won the 97 “Dalian Cup” Chinese youth fashion design contest knitting bronze award.
October 1993, won the national four seasons fashion “North Swan” contest award.

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