About Us

About the FCME

Fashion Couture Mondial Events are dedicated to developing excellence and growth within the fashion and business sectors of the world’s fashion economy. We will support and promote both International and British fashion talent worldwide.

Fashion Couture Mondial Events (FCME) is an organisation that aims to further the opportunity for new fashion designers from all corners of the globe, its main base being here in London..

We take pride in promoting British talent and encouraging business development and support through our industry’s collective knowledge and experience whilst capitalising on resources within this sector.

FCME will be partly funded by local and international industry patrons and sponsors. FCME will endeavour at all times to work within government guidelines and regulations.

FCME will showcase the best of new up and coming global fashion designers utilising the mediums and avenues such as buyers, press, magazines, social media, blogging etc.

We will operate in conjunction and in tandem with BFC / LFW to deliver the same level of excellence, this will be done on a biennial basis.

The London shows, in association with our joint partners, which will include emerging, contemporary, couture designers as well as cutting edge established British brands. We will in addition promote the designers exposing them to a wider global audience around the fashion weeks of the world. This will involve amongst other scenarios a shopping event and a unique opportunity for the public to purchase exclusive pre-launch collection.